Melanie Made This


“I have enough tools.” Said no woodworker ever.

-Melanie’s t-shirt


Who is Melanie

Melanie is a hobbyist who found her passion in woodworking. She is a creative artist who makes bowls, whittles spoons, scroll saws portraits, iconic images and much more.

Who are we?

Melanie and Mel. Melanie is the creator and I, Mel, am the one who handles the sales. We make a good team, so we roll with it.

100% Handmade

Everything Melanie makes is 100% handmade. Some things are personalized, some she has created her own templates for, and others are iconic images. She creates using a scroll saw, she whittles and she paints. She mainly works with wood, but she is certainly not limited to that. Melanie does not use laser cutting or CNC machines. It’s all made by hand. Incredible. I know.