Melanie Made This

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you really make that?

Yes. Melanie really made that.

Are you on Etsy?

Yes and no. I created an Etsy page, and I couldn’t find my own post so I stopped using it. However, I do use eBay and Instragram to sell and showcase Melanie’s work.

Can you make something for child/spouse/friend?

Theoretically yes. That’s what she does. The best thing to do is email us what you want and we will send you some realistic options. Melanie is the artist after all, so no need for you to create exactly what you want.

How do I treat the wood I just bought from you?

Melanie makes her own wood treatment wax. It smells amazing. She uses all natural, organic, food safe and vegan friendly ingredients. It’s will soon be available for sale on our website, or you can buy directly from her at sales, you know, in person.

Any other questions, feel free to free out.